Kids Party Finder is continuing to grow! We are delighted to connect so many great businesses with potential customers.

As the site develops we learn more about what people are asking for and what types of businesses there are in the UK.

When Kids Party Finder launched in January, we included 13 categories that businesses could link themselves too. Looking at the market we felt this gave a broad spread of what was on offer at the time.

Sleepover Takeover!

However, we underestimated the growth in the sleepover party phenomenon! Both in terms of the businesses offering this service and what people are searching for.

With this in mind, we have added a ‘Sleepover Party’ category to the site. Businesses offering this service can add this to their listing allowing people searching for a Sleepover Party to easily find them.

We Are Not Robots

We are continuing to monitor trends and enhance the site to ensure both businesses and customers continue to get the most out of Kids Party Finder.

Kids Party Finder was set up by two frustrated parents, aiming to make party planning simpler. As always, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch at with any comments, suggestions or feedback!