Kids Party Finder was built to make it easy for you to create your little one’s perfect party. We know how stressful kids parties can be! There are so many things to consider; theme, venue, entertainment, party bags. Also, no doubt your children will also be invited to other kid’s parties. Lots of parties!

How do you navigate all of this? Where do you start when planning a party? How do you strike a balance of creating a great party and not break the bank? As parents, these are questions we have asked ourselves too. Which is why we really enjoyed a recent article from our friend Mrs Mummypenny who shared her thoughts from planning parties for her ten, eight and five year old boys.

Mrs Mummypenny shares thoughts that we are sure many of us have; shall we have a party at home or hire a venue? How much shall I budget for? What to put in the party bag!?

Take a look at Mrs Mummypenny’s article here.

As well as some great party ideas, Mrs Mummypenny’s site covers lots of areas that families may find useful including finance tips, practical things to consider with children as well as sharing good value products and services. Check her site, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter out.

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