We all know the impact that Covid-19 is currently having on our day to day lives. If you are anything like us, you are probably trying to juggle being on lockdown, with a bit of home schooling while also trying to work when you get a spare minute!

We also are aware the impact lockdown is having on small businesses. The very businesses that we when we set up Kids Party Finder we wanted to help. Although we are a small business ourselves, we know that the kids party market is in effect on hold for the next few months and what this means to the businesses that list with us.

But we still want to help. There are so many great businesses out there doing so many great things for their customers during this period that we still want somewhere where people can connect with them.

So here’s what we’re going to do:

  • From 24 March we are suspending all monthly payments to Kids Party Finder. Even though we will not be taking payments, we still list your business and any business that has ever listed with us on our platform so that people are still able to connect with you
  • We will continue to actively promote businesses via our social media channels. We particularly want to show businesses that are offering services to help parents during lockdown – if you are a mini Joe Wicks, we want to know about it! Get in touch via hello@kids-party-finder.co.uk or our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter pages

In regards to payment suspensions, anyone who has had a payment deducted since 24 March will be having this refunded shortly. Going forward, any fees deducted will be refunded to suppliers’ PayPal accounts in due course.

We are all in this together and Kids Party Finder want to help you. When this is over (and to quote Boris Johnson ‘this will be over!’) little ones will have parties again and we want to make sure local people can connect with you and help get your business bookings.

As always, any comments or ideas please give us a shout via the email address or socials above.

Charlie, James and the KPF Team x