The Birthday Gift Dilemma – A Guest Blog by Catherine White, Co-Founder of Fundzzle

When our children are invited to a birthday party, we traditionally bring a gift to show our appreciation. We spend time searching for the perfect present, wrapping and card that is within our budget and one we hope the child will like. We sometimes awkwardly ask the parent of the birthday child for ideas (hoping they are under £10!) or we take the simplest route with a gift card.

Meanwhile, the birthday child really wants one special gift such as a scooter or even an experience for their birthday but instead receive a bunch of random stuff. The parents of the birthday child are left with the clutter from the mostly unused or unwanted presents.

When we consider the environmental impact of these (mostly plastic) presents, traditional gift-giving needs a rethink as we realise our homes and our planet can no longer withstand the weight of another random gift. Is there a better way to give and receive gifts at children’s birthday parties?

A more meaningful way

Meet Fundzzle, an eco-friendly gift collection and charity fundraising service all wrapped into one privately and securely. The online platform allows the organiser to send free personalised online invitations with the option to collect money for one special gift the child really wants and a charity at the same time.

The one-gift-one-cause concept reduces waste from too many or unwanted presents, eliminates the “what gift to give” dilemma while supporting good causes. Fundzzle also helps parents save time by tracking RSVP’s, wishes for a group card and sending messages such as reminders and thank you notes.

The joy of giving

Giving to a charity makes us feel good and tackles the potential taboo of asking for money. The invitations specify the group gift and % shared with the charity, so the gift-givers know exactly where their cash contribution is going towards. Most importantly, the e-invites make it clear that contributing is optional and not necessary to RSVP, so there is no pressure should the guests not want to.

After receiving the invitation link, guests can quickly RSVP, add contact details and private comments such as food preferences. For those who want to contribute, the amount given is not visible to other guests and taken securely via the payment provider application. Guests can access the invitation at any time and add all the party details to their calendar with one click.

A teachable moment

Parents can involve the birthday child in choosing the charity and learning how the good cause will benefit from their generosity. They will learn the joy of helping others and the environmental benefit of collecting for one special gift – in case they were keen on receiving a big pile of presents!

A time-saving, eco-friendly and charitable way to celebrate

Enjoy the fun party you planned and celebrate sharing their special day with good causes. Visit your private dashboard to view the RSVP’s and total funds raised, send reminders, and thank you notes to your guests with one click. Withdraw the group gift funds at any time to go buy the awesome group gift while the charity funds are automatically transferred directly to the good cause for you. 

Visit to learn more about adding a sustainable and charitable twist to your next celebration.