As the world adapts to the ‘new normal’ created by the Covid-19 pandemic, the team at Kids Party Finder continue to be impressed by the creativity shown by the kids party sector as to how businesses continue to deliver their services.

And this creativity appears to be well received by the public, as our suppliers tell us that in many instances they are continuing to receive a steady stream of enquiries and business despite the different levels of restrictions being placed around the country.

As the businesses listed with us continued to evolve, we realised that Kids Party Finder needed to evolve too. At our heart we are an online directory and always will be. However during the last few months we realised that we could be more; we could create a network and community of like-minded individuals.

Since March, Kids Party Finder has…

  • Created over 20 regional networking groups all over the country, connecting over 250 businesses so that they are able to network, share ideas, collaborate and pass on business enquiries
  • In time, we aim to extend these networking groups throughout the UK
  • Started to host monthly webinars, the topics of which are designed to enhance your business by bringing third party experts in specific fields; so far we have covered social media, Facebook Ads and website tips with more to come
  • Built relationships with television production companies who require the services offered by our suppliers. Most recently we have been excited to introduce over 10 suppliers to the ITV2 hit show The Only Way Is Essex, which has led to national exposure in traditional and social media as well as business opportunities with the show’s cast directly
  • Initiated social media campaigns aimed at boosting our listed businesses profile such as branded colouring books, Social Saturdays and our most recent theme the Halloween window take over

In addition, our own stats over the last few months for Kids Party Finder include…

  • An increase in our website traffic of over 120% from June to September; thousands of people are now visiting our site which showcases your business
  • On average since March, we have seen a month on month increase in the number of businesses listed with us of over 15%
  • Continued to build our own social media presence which we use to promote the businesses listed with us; we are rapidly approaching 5,000 Instagram followers, having only reached the 4,000 milestone at the end of August
  • While we’re talking Instagram, we recently reached 18,000 impressions for a seven day period with our posts, our biggest yet
  • We continue to invest in the functionality of the site to ensure this continues to evolve with the needs of both the businesses listed with us and the public

All this as well as your extensive profile on our ever increasingly popular site for £4.99 per month after a six month free trial period and no tie in periods. Our research shows us that this is one of the most competitive, straightforward offerings in the market representing good value for money.

We encourage you to engage with us so that you get the most out of your Kids Party Finder subscription. You can always contact either Charlie or James on by direct message on Instagram or arrange a time to speak on the phone.

Kids Party Finder is ever evolving and we want you to be part of that journey with us!