Don’t know about you, but we always love this time of year. As well as all the autumnal feels the close succession of Halloween and Bonfire Night means there is lots of excitement to be had in a short space of time.

Obviously, 2020 is different for a lot of reasons. And with our friend Boris Johnson setting the next national lockdown for 5 November (cheers Boris!) this will impact the few plans people may have made to celebrate Bonfire Night.

But like many things in 2020, despite the difficulties we will find a way! Our friends at Party Box by Design (click here for their site or click here for their Kids Party Finder listing) have come up with some great ideas as to how your Bonfire Night can still go off with a bang!


As always, structuring your celebration is important. I suggest celebrating the weekend after 5th November. It’s a great way to banish the back to school and lockdown blues!

Start with some Bonfire Night crafting. Making glitter fireworks, firework scratch art, and tinsel rings will add to the excitement for the little ones and be great to decorate the house with too. Crafty Party Box details these crafts and more in their latest blog (Click here to view the blog)

Get cooking!

Bonfire night is made for comfort food. Plan your menu in advance so you have something to look forward to. The BBC Good Food site has some great recipe inspiration. Browse the recipes here

Oh and chocolate sparklers are a must! Dip a chocolate finger in some hot water (to melt a little) or dip a breadstick in melted chocolate, then pop it in a pot of sprinkles to coat and you’re done!

Get virtual!

Next, check if your local firework display is screening a virtual display. Obviously, this situation may change with the new government rules but hopefully you can watch the fireworks in the comfort of your own home via YouTube. Worst-case scenario there’s always the New Year’s Eve Fireworks on YouTube, and many other displays too, so you’ll probably be spoiled for choice.

Ok, so I know part of the fun is wrapping up warm and standing outside in the cold, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do that too.

Find the fireworks YouTube link and get it hooked up to watch on your television or tablet later. When it gets dark, get your coats, hats, and scarves on, head out to the garden, and light some sparklers! I always enjoyed sparklers in the garden when I was young, and it’s a much safer alternative to having fireworks in your garden. Glow sticks are also great fun for kids to wave about outside. If you don’t have your own outside space, how about a late afternoon walk complete with glow sticks too.

What about the bonfire!?

And hopefully, you haven’t packed the BBQ away yet because you’ll be needing it. Bonfire Night is much better with fire! An alternative is a chimenea or fire bowl. Not only will this keep you warm, but it’s perfect for toasting marshmallows on! Another Bonfire Night essential! They can also be heated under the grill inside.

After that, it’s back into the house for a hot chocolate to warm up and to watch the main event on YouTube.

And for one last burst of excitement, how about a Piñata so the little ones can feel like they have their very own firework.

Follow that up with some traditional Bonfire night food; hot dogs, Catherine wheel toad in the hole, and cheesy baked potatoes all go down well. And don’t forget traditional parkin or some apple pie to finish. You’ll wonder why you ever left the comfort of your own home before!