For anyone who follows Kids Party Finder on social media, you will know that our most active platform is Instagram. Fun fact; when setting up the business Charlie said that we should set up an Instagram page, to which James replied ‘why do we need Instagram when we have Facebook!?’


Fast forward two years, Kids Party Finder’s page now has over 6,350 followers, we have just made our 1,000th grid post, it regularly hits 25,000+ impressions over a 7 day period (as at April 2021) and it has led us to interact with many great people, businesses and ‘blue tick’ accounts.



Instagram has come a long way from being a photo sharing site in 2010. Consider how many products, businesses or people you have come across, followed, or searched for after seeing a simple Instagram post.


If you are more like James than Charlie, then check out some of the stats that demonstrate the power of this ever-growing platform:


  • There are an estimated 30.6 million Instagram users in the UK (internationally, it is estimated that there are over 1 billion accounts)
  • 46% of the UK population have an Instagram account
  • Across all age groups, 25-34 year olds use Instagram the most in the UK, accounting for a 30.1% share
  • 54% use Instagram several times a day
  • People spend an average of 32 minutes browsing Instagram each day in the UK


Source – March 2021


Of those statistics, the one that stands out for us is that 25-34 year olds have over 30% of all accounts in the UK. This demographic makes up a important proportion of the target audience that Kids Party Finder and our listed businesses are attempting to reach.


While Kids Party Finder are active on both Instagram and Facebook, we find the majority of our interaction with both businesses and potential customers for those businesses that list with us comes on Instagram. We also find that it is easier for people and companies to share our content via Instagram than on other social media platforms.


Fair to say we are big fans of Instagram and we urge the businesses we work with to consider how best it could work for them. However, the feedback we get is that running an Instagram can be daunting. It is true that it will require commitment, but this does not have to be overwhelming.


One of the reasons we like Instagram so much is that it has many different ways you can engage with your potential customers. This, coupled with some simple planning about what to share on your page, can really see some good results.


In the next part of our Instagram blog, we will share some of the tips we have picked up over the last couple of years which we hope will assist with your content creation, interacting with potential customers and growing your followers organically.


This will be exclusive for our listed suppliers and can be found in our Suppliers Network Facebook page. If you are listed with Kids Party Finder and not a member of this group, click this link to join.