We are pleased to confirm that our June webinar will be held on Tuesday 15 June at 8pm.


This month we are going to be discussing the importance of networking. The old adage goes ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ and this often can be the case in business. Having a good network of contacts not only helps your business grow, it can also ensure that you have the professional support that so many of us running SMEs require.


Covid has changed the networking game; it’s not as easy to turn up to a networking or social event and start chatting with people. Or perhaps you didn’t find walking into a room of stranges easy in the first place!? We’ll discuss how networking looks in 2021, what you should and shouldn’t be doing as well as looking at some key tips to get the most out of your networking.


We will be joined by business mentor, Kevin Colley. Kevin’s business helps small and medium sized companies with all the different apsects with running a business, whether this be marketing, financial or helping you become more organised. Networking forms parts on what he discusses with his clients, so we’re excited to hear what he’s got to say to us all. You can check out Kevin’s Facebook and Twitter pages here.


This event is FREE to businesses listed with Kids Party Finder and will be hosted on our exclusive Suppliers Network Group on Facebook.


If your business is listed with Kids Party Finder but you are not a member of our Suppliers Network Group yet, you can request to join by clicking here.


See you there!


Charlie, James and the Kids Party Finder Team x