Kids Party Finder was launched in 2019. We’re delighted with how the site is growing and the fantastic businesses that have chosen to list with us.

While the number of businesses listing with us continues to increase, we are seeing a wide variety in the information provided in the listings. We believe that a listing fully showcasing your business and making use of the different tools on the Kids Party Finder site will give you the best opportunity of people connecting with you. Here are some of the top tips we have to getting the most out of your listing:

Areas You Cover

Kids Party Finder allows you to enter up to three counties and ten towns per county where your business covers. This is to ensure that local people are connected with you. Take advantage of this! We have seen profiles that only cover one or two towns, decreasing the chance of people finding you. A search by a potential customer will ensure you are found by both County and town.

Photos and Videos

Visuals are a great way to showcase how great your business is. Your listing allows you to add 10 phots and a video. Ensure that you upload as many photos / videos that you can when creating your listing. Also, please ensure that you set a profile and background photo, as this is what customers will initially see when viewing their search results.

Tell People About You

Some of the more successful listings we have seen have full details of a business, including any packages, prices and full details of the services provided. A fuller bio is more likely to lead to people getting in touch with. Also… the ‘What are you looking for?’ search function of the site allows people to type something if there are looking for something specific such as Peppa Pig, Princess, Sleepover etc. The website will pull the results from the text in bios, so make sure you include all that you do.

Social Media Links

Your Kids Party Finder listing is designed to compliment your existing marketing strategy and no doubt your social media feeds will be full of all the great things your business can do. So make sure you include these in your listing. One of the most common feedbacks we receive is that social media links do not work. It is important the you copy the URL of your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page in full and paste this in your listing for your links to work. We are looking at ways that we can improve this for you, so stayed tuned.

Contact Details

Your listing has got a potential customer interested in what you do, but they cannot contact you if there is not an email address of phone number to reach you on. This probably the most important part of your listing, so please ensure this section is completed.

As and when listings are uploaded we are working behind the scenes to fix any glitches a listing may have. However we hope that the above is helpful for making the most of your Kids Party Finder listing. Don’t forget you can edit your listing at any time by logging in to your listing here You may want to look at our example profile for a bit of inspiration if you want to review your listing.

As always we are on hand to help you with your listing and answer any questions! Message us at and we will get in touch with you.




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  1. Runaround Rascals

    This is such a great idea. People are always seeking party inspiration ?

  2. Hannah Peek

    Great ideas and I’m sure will help us all out to make our listings outstanding and grab the attention for new clients!
    Keep up the good work and thank you for your support x

  3. Remen Bains

    Hi I would be interested to use the promotion for the free advertising and see how we get on before committing to the monthly subscription. Please let me know how I can add a listing.