Like many business, Kids Party Finder is ever evolving what we are offering our listed suppliers. What started as a simple idea as an online directory connecting local people with local businesses is rapidly turning into a thriving network on like-minded, entrepreneurial and passionate people.


The pandemic has caused many businesses to change their approach, Kids Party Finder was no different. With no parties happening, we knew we needed to do more to support those suppliers listed with us. But what could we do? How could Kids Party Finder help your business through these unprecedented times?


Kids Party Finder continues to grow, in terms of traffic to our site, our social media reach and the number of suppliers choosing to list with us. And we are so grateful for everyone’s continued support.


Given all the new businesses working with us, we thought it would be useful to detail all the exclusive features you get with your Kids Party Finder listing:


Three months free – that’s right, new suppliers who sign up to Kids Party Finder get full access to all our features for three months at absolutely no cost. We then charge £4.99 per month thereafter. We do not offer tiered charging; we only have one package with access to the full range of our offering. There is also no tie in period; if decide to leave us you can do so at any time. Of course, we very much hope you don’t!


Your own listing on our ever developing site – traffic to the Kids Party Finder website is increasing; the last 3 months of 2020 saw an increase of 89% in visitors to the site compared to the previous 3 months. Your listing is your Kids Party Finder shop window, where you can show everyone how great your business is. You can share your social channels, contact details and up to 10 photos to make it as ‘you’ as possible. You can also login and make amendments whenever you want.


Access to our Suppliers Network Facebook group – As well as networking and sharing the businesses on Kids Party Finder with everyone on the site, this is where we share our content which is exclusive to those suppliers listed with us. This can include our challenges we may set you from time to time, invitations to get involved in initiatives such as the Christmas hampers or the colouring books we have organised previously and where we host our webinars…


Regular webinars – with a focus on benefiting small and medium sized business, our webinars are designed to cover topics that will add value to your business. Each webinar has a third party expert, someone with experience in a particular field which will focus on for that session and who you can ask questions to.


Social network shares – launching a new product? Have you got a special offer on? Are you doing something particularly amazing at the moment? Let us know if you are posting about on your social media and we will schedule it for a share. Our Instagram had over 100,000 impressions over a four week period between February to March, so this can give you a real platform to show what you can do.


Networking groups – one of biggest successes of 2020 was the launch of our networking groups by geographical area. Hosted via Instagram and Whats App, these groups allow you to meet, network and collaborate with other businesses listed with Kids Party Finder in your area. We’ve already seen some great successes in the groups, with jobs being passed between businesses that were unable to fulfil and other businesses working together on particular events.


Charlie and James! Although we are an online based business, there are real people sitting behind the screens! We’re always hand to help if you have any questions, need any assistance and also to ensure you get the most out of your listing. We want you to be with Kids Party Finder, grow as a part of being on our site and remain with us for many years to come.